It’s no big thing

The idea for this story is based on an actual crime that took place about thirty years ago. The victim of that crime was a young girl, working alone, late at night, in a convenience store. The perpetrators were three teenage boys. The young girl was rendered quadriplegic as the result of the injuries that she sustaining in the course of that robbery.
The story is about the different motivations that might cause young men, from essentially decent homes, with hard working and loving parents, to commit the crime of armed robbery. In particular, this story is about why one of them would shoot a defenseless young woman, and how his companions might shape their own responses in light of this brutality.
The subtleties of family dynamics; the power of cultural role models (Al Capone to the Bacon Brothers); differing philosophies of existence (Nietzsche); the gratuitous displays of violence in the media (John Wayne to Sam Peckinpah) and the importance of acting in accordance with what one knows to be right, all play a part.


image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace